AJ PALLAS is a profound and grateful singer/songwriter with a passion for sharing music and embracing the amazing experience of life with others. With a versatile mix of cross genre pieces in pop, country and folk, AJ hopes the music he brings to the world will move you, embrace your emotion and ignite your potential.

“Life is about making choices.” Facing serious health issues AJ chose to resign from his corporate role at the time and focus on recovery and rejuvenation. Re-launching a dream, re-directing energy and re-kindling a lifelong love of singing, into reality we invite you to join on the journey.

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1. Happy
2. Top of My World (Radio Edit)
3. Miles
4. I Wonder
5. Something to Believe In
6. All Right
7. Take Me
8. Let it Cry
9. Without Your Love (Fallen)
10. Free
11. Top of My World

A J PALLAS – lead vocals, acoustic guitar (All Songs)
BRAD STECKEL – guitars, bass guitar, percussion/ shaker, and background vocals (All Songs), mandolin (1), banjo (7), slide (4), keyboard (5, 6, 9)
JEFF BRADSHAW – steel guitar (9)
DEANNA DUBBIN – duet vocals (2, 11)
LEAH DUBBIN – STECKEL– background vocals (6)
KEITH FLOEN – piano (2, 11)
BILLY MACBETH – drums and harmonica (10)
DARCY STAMP – fiddle (4, 5, 7)
ANDRZEJ RYSZKA – drums (1, 4)

Recorded, Engineered and mixed by Brad Steckel for Nevin Park Productions in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA Mastered by HB Media Services Inc., Jamey and Richard Harrow

A J Pallas - Top of My World

A J Pallas - Top of My World  ITunes (CA)

A J Pallas - Top of My World


Thanks to: Heather, Mom (Lizzee) & Dad (Andizee), Brad Steckel, Tom, Nikki , Zac, Maksi, Tony, Jes, Ty, Jonathan, Heidi, Allie, Erin, Eric, David and Sandra, Sharon Fitzgerald, Eric Arrata, Judith De Haan, Darcy Stamp, Andrez Ryska, Neil Shaw, Scotty, Al Gibson, Janice, Tinda, Wayne Logan, Emerge Learning, Archie Roberts, Joe Wood, RDR Music, video production: Kelly Brothers- Rob, Dave, Matt, Trevor, Bryon, and Katelynn (and Lizzee, my faithful assistant!) and to all my family past and present and of course thank you to the Universe! I am grateful.

Babette Machalka – photography
Heather Pallas – photography
Nikki Pallas – photography
Kevin Bassett – artwork design – album/single
Kathy Villanueva-Dunsmuir – website